👋 Hi there! I'm Tammy.

Product Designer

with a focus in UX, research and data-informed design strategy.

I believe wholeheartedly that with curiosity, you can find a way to get through to anyone. 🌱

Daybreak Health (YC S20) | Design Lead @ Sutro

Tackling the Youth Mental Health Crisis

Daybreak’s school counselor dashboard helps counselors connect high risk youth with right fit Daybreak clinicians.

🎉 Actively provided insight on higher level strategy focused on user-centric outcomes, and prototyped solutions.

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Harness | Lead Product Designer

Increasing Touch Points for Founder Networking & Collaboration

Chat channels improve founder collaboration on the Harness platform by increasing opportunities for founder networking and engagement.

🎉 Achieved 20% avg. m/m growth in chat channel engagement

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Harness | Lead Product Designer

Leveraging the Power of Community Knowledge Sharing

Bridging the feedback and mentorship gap for early-stage founders through the introduction of our Q&A feature.

🎉 Achieved 21.2% avg. m/m growth for questions asked. 42% m/m growth for responses.

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