🌱 Designing and creating frameworks for designer growth and development at Sutro
πŸ“š Teaching product design and front-end development at the UC Berkeley Extension
πŸ’¬ Let’s chat about uplifting women and BIPOC in design and entrepreneurship

Welcome! πŸ‘‹ I'm Tammy and I build my life around asking questions, crafting stories, and bringing people, products, and ideas together. I’m currently a design lead at Sutro where I provide higher level product strategy for clients, and am laying the foundation for scalable design operations and culture.

In an earlier chapter of my life, I was an Environmental Policy Analyst, researching endangered species in Mozambique 🐘, and leading ethnographic studies around the impact of agricultural reforms on women's empowerment in Ghana.

I'm most moved when designing experiences that tap into more deeply held emotions, needs & aspirations. I find joy in the iterative process and will go the extra mile to test hypothesis after hypothesis to find the most consumer-driven, product-led solution. I'm happiest when I get to work with people who love asking questions, value transparency, and appreciate, as well as find ways to elevate demographic and cognitive diversity.

Outside of work, you can find me illustrating, browsing tiny libraries in my neighborhood, sneaking another handful of chocolate covered almonds, FaceTiming with family, and finding every opportunity to incorporate the color yellow into my life 🌻. Let's build something together!

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